Bliss was in air. How her wings would not wish to fly higher! She was none the less than any angel out there. Her name was Nyan.

Nyan. A girl; every other girl would admire. A girl who would meet every mother’s desire. A girl; with whom every man would consider himself luckier.

In a nutshell, Nyan was a perfect girl. A perfect lady, rather. Her father, Raman, was a very wise man. He was known for his intelligence all over the town and beyond its boundaries. Raman was also known for his kind nature and his gracious heart. His only wish was, to hunt a perfect guy for his Nyan. And he was successful in finding one. He found a guy named Samar, who was the only son of his parents. His parents too were well-reputed and royal.

Nyan married Samar. As everyone mentioned, Samar was good-looking, handsome and wealthy. Nyan, however was not comfy with him. Their wavelengths did not seem to match. Moreover, she found up later on, whatever was mentioned before marriage was just to showcase. Inner situation and truth was not just the other side of coin for her, but it was like whole new coin. She adjusted. She never complained Raman about the disgust she had to face in life.

Real scenario was: Samar was well-educated but not well mannered. He was young and handsome but not mature and understanding. He was wealthy, but the wealth was inherited. Of course, Raman did enquire for all the details before marriage. But destiny had plans for Nyan, already. Nyan had to suffer a lot. She thought to improve Samar. And even Samar’s parent thought, marriage would certainly improve Samar. Raman too did support Nyan in improving Samar. But all their attempts went in vain. Samar used to disrespect Nyan by every mean. Nyan never got a mate in Samar. They both never were comfortable with each other. He was messy. He even made Nyan’s life messy. His parents were kind, though. They were very good with Nyan. Even they supported Nyan very much. Then everyone started suggesting Nyan to have kids with Samar. Nyan was not ready. But, culture bounded Nyan, who knew, she couldn’t quit this situation, except leaving everything behind or attempting a suicide. So, she chose to have kids with Samar, as an attempt to improve Samar.

This situation. Situation were girl is not ready. Girl is not guilty by any mean. Has to suffer. Has to sacrifice her whole life. Why?
Her own family, indeed.
Raman asked her to stay with Samar lifelong.
Was it her fault at all?
It was Samar’s parents who thought he would improve after marriage.
Well, having kids!
This one was one of the rubbish things anyone would suggest.
Why won’t she decide for herself? Is it only because she is a girl? Why she has to suffer for someone else’s mistaken decisions?
If Nyan was not interested in Samar, what was that thing which made her stay with him?
More or less, it was society. It was her parents. It was her own nature which didn’t let her leave it all.
She then chose to sacrifice her whole life, suffering for the mistakes, she never did.
She had kids with Samar. Samar, never improved a bit even. And later, even kids were punished for no reason. They never got a father.
Nyan and her in-laws, loved the kids to the core. They all brought up the kids with too much of love and all that they could do. One thing they failed to give the kids was their daddy. Anyways, everything was good going, in the eyes of world. But in the world of Nyan and her family, nothing was that good enough. One person, Samar, was not good behavior man, and whole family was suffering. Of course, Nyan needs a good partner. She has all the rights reserved to enjoy her life. There is absolutely no reason to stay in a family where she just has to work as a maid and gain nothing in return.

“If you can’t be a good spouse, you can’t be good parent”

Nyan and Samar were not good spouses and thus they never became good parents.
Nyan tried to do everything for her kids. But she was weak in herself. How would she be strong to her kids then? She could never make justice with kids. And Samar. He was never capable of doing so. Kids when grew up, they had everything except the parental care and love. Nyan did love her kids, but she was frightened up, she was already screwed up. What kind of love was she going to give kids? She was, moreover, a lady with perfection. She was disciplined. She was sincere, punctual and honest. She never misbehaved. She was not social and never made friends with many. And expected same from kids. Kids were, first of all lacking the true parental love and up of that they had to face this Nyan’s nature.
Kids had to compromise a lot too. Knowing and being aware of the facts their family possess.
Anyways, this is the end of the story.


Because, all those women who fight for the sake of their parent’s happiness, for the sake of their children’s happiness and for the sake of being so-called nice woman in society’s eyes are none the less than warriors. They have to fight every single minute of their lives against all these mentalities.

People who still think, man would improve after marriage. To all those, I urge, please don’t do this to an innocent girl. Her life is not meant for your experiment. Her life is her and let her make and take her own decision. Don’t ruin her beauty and her life. You don’t have that right.

People owe a lot to the girl like Nyan. They are unseen, unmentioned and unnoticed warriors of the society. Fighting the battle they were never a part of.

To the society which encourage such practices, I urge, please do not. For they too are humans, with emotions. You don’t have any right to judge them on behalf of knowledge which only you have. You all actually never care that much. Do you? Stop showing the care which you don’t have. If you are not giving a shit about it. Showcase yourself in that manner.

For everyone, who don’t know what it all this scenario feels like. I plead, not to make statements, without understanding.

See, not having a person because he is dead is different thing. And not having a person, besides having him every day in front of you is whole different thing.

I am not asking you all to show some sympathy. I am asking you all to consider woman as a human too. Because she is.

5 comments on “Womenarrior

  1. Thank you for sharing this story and the insight behind it. You really shed light on multiple perspectives in this situation. The bottom line is that women are humans and needed to be treated accordingly as you indicated. Happy Women’s Day! ❤️

  2. This is a good perspective on culture and how some young kids are already paired up with someone to marry. I hope for young women who don’t wish to be apart of such tradition, to have the ability to say no. Every woman has a voice and ought to have a choice.

  3. Heartbreaking and inspiring story. Heartbreaking because there are some women who are still being forced on marriage because their parents want them to and they can’t go against their parents. Inspiring because we need to do something to stop this practice. And you writing about this, making people aware that this is still happening is a very good move. Happy Women’s Day!

  4. What an inspiring story, although heartbreaking. I find it hard to believe that such practices still go on in our day even though statistics have proven that it is never the best.
    Thank you for raising awareness.
    Happy Women’s Day

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